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Established in 2001, Quest Recruitment is the premier Irish resource consultancy when it comes to specialised sector knowledge, impeccable standards and conscientious service quality. Our reputation for expert provision of consistent delivery and extensive industry knowledge is unquestionable. We work closely with many of the leading Irish and European Fund, Banking, and Accountancy organisations and are proud to maintain our trusted status as a preferred & conscientious talent broker. We are continually striving to improve on our quality of service and passion for delivery with the support and recruitment expertise of our highly skilled Quest team.
What Regulatory Changes in the Financial Services Markets Mean for AIFMs?
Difficulties in today’s financial markets have, without doubt, underlined that many AIFM strategies are potentially vulnerable to one or indeed, several significant risks relating to investors, other market participants and markets. In order to provide comprehensiv…
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Debt Common and Uncommon Sense Approaches to Debt Reduction

One of the major reasons people cannot achieve greater financial freedom is that they have excessive amounts of short-term debt. This debt is incurred from credit cards, student loans, car payments, and personal loans, among other things. This guide presents several ways to get a better grip on debt that has gotten out of control.

Get interest rate reductions: Ask every creditor to whom you have paid your bill in a timely fashion to reduce your interest rate. If a few of them agree to do so, you will be able to pay off the balances on those loans and cards sooner. You may also have more money to apply to paying off other accounts with the money you save from your lower interest rates.
• If you get the interest rate on one or more of your credit cards reduced, transfer balances from credit cards with higher interest rates to the card(s) with the lower rate. Check to see if the card(s) with lower rates has any balance transfer fees associated with it. If so, is the spread between the ca…

Forex Dealing Choices Industry Overview By Bryce Adams

The forex options market started as an over-the-counter (OTC) financial vehicle for large banks, banking institutions and large international corporations to hedge against forex exposure. Like the forex identify market, the forex options companies are considered an "interbank" market. However, with the plethora of real-time financial data and forex choice forex dealing platforms available to most investors through the internet, today's forex choice market now includes an increasingly large amount of individuals and corporations who are speculating and/or hedging forex exposure via telephone or online forex dealing platforms.
Forex choice dealing has emerged as an alternative investment vehicle for many traders and investors. As an investment tool, forex choice dealing provides both large and small investors with greater flexibility when determining the appropriate forex dealing and hedging strategies to implement.
Most forex dealing options is conducted via telephone as th…

How to Pass Your Wealth to the Next Generation?

If you are wanting to leave a legacy for your children and future generations, here are some tax-efficient strategies:
Use Your Annual Gift Allowance
You can give away £3,000 each year tax free to one or more people. And any unused part of this allowance can be carried over to the following year - but this can be done for one year only.

If you give away more than £3,000 a year and you die within seven years of giving it away, then the recipient/s of your gift will be subject to tax on a sliding scale. This is known as a potentially exempt transfer. The maximum tax rate is 40% based on based on death within three years, and this reduces to zero by the eighth year. This is known as a ‘potentially exempt transfer’.
Use Your Small Gifting Allowance
You can give away up to £250 to an unlimited number of people each year tax free, in addition to your annual gift allowance. However, you cannot use this allowance with any other allowance and, if one person receives more than £250, then the gift wi…

BitClub Network Offers Simple Way to Earn in a Booming Crypto Currency Market

The Internet has become a priority of people for almost everything. No matter if you are talking about home business, entertainment, news or information, the internet plays a very important role in all of it. And bitcoin, a relatively new digital currency, has made conducting business online even easier. There are millions of people using bitcoin, availing its advantages, and one can do their own research to understand how and why bitcoin and bitcoin mining has become so popular. And if you wish to be a part of the digital crypto currency market, then you would need to first understand where it all starts. mining for digital currency.

There are many individuals and businesses around the world that see a bright future for crypto currencies and they are not shy about announcing the great advantages of their trust.  The future of bitcoin digital currency is very bright and one just needs to look to the press to understand it’s not just hype. As you begin to explore the world of digital cu…

Important Tips for Consumers Considering Debt Settlement Services

A Florida based law firm practicing in class actions, business disputes, personal injuries and consumer debt, shares important information for consumers considering debt settlement services, including tips to avoid scams.
According to the law firm, the Federal Trade Commission passed a law in 2010 that amended the Telesales Rule, effectively banning advance fees on debt reduction services. Consumers must be aware going in that debt settlement companies are not allowed to charge fees in advance for settling debt until they have successfully settled at least one credit account. The law firm points out there are still many companies that fail to comply with this law, often because they know they won't actually succeed and want to be paid anyway.
Wites & Kapetan also points out that many consumers fail to understand that they may be sued by their creditors after signing up for debt settlement. Consumers who sign up for a debt reduction plan are typically instructed to stop paying bi…

When is Debt Settlement a Good Idea?

Debt settlement services are certainly not for everyone, and the industry is still very unregulated, but it is worth considering in some cases. If you decide to turn to debt reduction services, make sure you exercise extreme caution and do your homework before working with a company, or even a debt settlement attorney, to avoid being taken advantage of.
Settlement allows you to pay less than your balance by negotiating with your creditors for a smaller amount to satisfy the total debt. While this may sound like a great solution to help you overcome a mountain of debt, there are serious consequences. Debt settlement companies appeal to consumers who are very troubled by debt but wish to avoid bankruptcy at all costs - and all costs is right. Not only is this service very expensive, it will also do serious damage to your credit.
Potential dangers of debt settlement include:
• Fraud: There are some companies who offer debt settlement services who are no more than fly-by-night scams, taking …